Privacy policy

Public services that require registration or for uploading bin or file, may come with their own privacy policy.

This website

This website is hosted on GitHub pages, therefore the GitHub Privacy Statement applies. No further data collection is done.

Data collected

The following data is necessary for proper operation of the site:

  • Timestamp of request
  • Status code of response
  • Request method
  • URL
  • IP address
  • How long it took to serve the request
  • Stored preferences (if any)
Data stored

None. Viewed content might be cached indefinitely. I might attach a live terminal for debugging purposes which lets me see a live stream of the collected data, logs viewed this way are also not stored.

Data stored in your browser

Some services provides an option to store site preferences, such as the theme without an account. Using this feature will store a cookie in the visitor's browser containing their preferences. This cookie is sent on every request and does not contain any identifying information.

You can remove this data from your browser by using your browser's cookie-related controls to delete the data.

Future Changes

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.